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We believe in authenticity:

Although we’re more globally connected than ever, it’s still surprisingly hard to find the feeling of connection you’re looking for. 

Because first impressions have been reduced to a photo and a tagline, they can leave people feeling exposed instead of confident and welcomed. 

What’s worse, people often feel compelled to focus on what others want instead of being their true remarkable selves. 

That’s why we want to use technology to allow real people to connect and share beautiful, authentic moments. 

Image of Jaumo Founders

Our story:

Jaumo is a global dating app that we — two long-time friends and social tech entrepreneurs —  founded in 2011 after finding our own life partners through online dating.

We were lucky: it wasn’t easy back then to find true love online. We wanted to change that. 

We realized we could help others find love with the right technology if we could connect real people yearning for real experiences. .

The word Jaumo is Aramaic for “a new day.” To us, it’s the promise of authentic moments in a new era of global connection.

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